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Saturday, January 14, 2017

Trumpsters Move To Buy CNN


VIDEO: Trumpsters Move To Buy CNN - YouTube

Supporters of the Trumpster now have made a move to take over Att/Time Warner - which owns CNN - and the other 5 News Organizations which run the News across the world.

The sales will go through the day the Trumpster in inaugurated

Time for the Truth to Emerge.

Most of these CNN Reporters will be lucky to find a job cleaning toilets in about 6 months.

In retaliation for these efforts the Obama Handlers have ordered the NSA to turn over all telephone call recordings to the Satanic NAZI  CIA for immediate release through these FAKE News Sites like CNN and Time Magazine.

Please keep in mind that many, many CIA Agents are Patriots and there will be Hell to pay if they cooperate with this outgoing Illegal Alien.

The intent here is to sabotage the Trump Presidency.

What else would you expect form the Satanic NAZI’s in the Democratic Party?

They are desperate and desperate people do desperate things.

Look how long it has taken to purge our nation of the NAZI’s and their allies - over 70 years now. This Evil does not die easily.

The War Crime Trials have already begun in China - who lost over 20 Million People between 1935 and 1945 to the NAZI Supported Japanese Invasions. Then, with the Communist and US Backed Mao they lost another estimated 20 Million people.

As for the wire tapping - 21 years ago a very close friend of mine who began working with the CIA called me and read me a conversation I supposedly had with an Uncle of Mine. We talked for about 10 minutes and the funny thing is - while he ahd a recording of the Phone Call I had no idea who he was talking about?

The entire Phone Conversation - it was completely fake but he thought it was real. I really had no idea who he was talking about.

So the entire exchange - both the recorded part and the printed version of the call - were fake.

So I suppose - if the Satanic NAZI party could simply make up calls the Trumpster and his staff made to sabotage his presidency.

If they can lie about the Clinton’s Balanced Budget - Spending Money not collected for 3 more years - than they can lie about anything. In the year 2000, for example,  President Bill Clinton was spending revenue that was not supposed to be collected until the year 2003. He spent FUNNY MONEY.

When George Bush Jr took office in 2001 the his first budget he signed for the year 2002 was to spend revenue as not to be collected until  the year 2005.

So when the Left Wing Media is purchased by those who wish to tell the truth - there will be a whole lot of reporters who get fired and may go on trial for War Crimes.


As for other news:

1) The National Guard General for DC is to be fired the second Trump takes office. The new General has agreed to stop any riots that the left may created.

It’s not nice to conspire against the President Elect Major General Schwartz. Way - this General lied in an interview - the Newly Retired General will be able to see these troops back to the Armory as a Retired General. That’s why he is getting fired - for lying.

2) Operation Atlantic Resolve - Please keep in minds US Generals that your locations are know by the Russians as you are all chipped. The first casualties will be NATO HQ and these Generals if they try to invade Russia.

This is not 1941 - you die first Generals as do your families as - the VA has sold YOUR records across the globe and your security has been compromised.

3)  There is a call for two things during the Inauguration:

a) Over 2 Million Bikers are planned to stop the Inauguration NAZI Left Wingers who try to start a riot.

b) There will be Saturation Patrols throughout DC to stop any and all NAZI Nuts who plan to start a riot and they will not be Nicey Nicey.

Bill Ayers - One of Obama’s Top Adviser - admitted to killing a San Francisco Cop with a bomb and blinding another one and he never served a day in jail for it.

We will never forget the Murder of San Francisco’s Police Officer Sergeant Brian V McDonnell on February 16th, 1970 by Obama Presidential Adviser Bill Ayers.


So when you Cops are ordered by the FBI to Molly Coddle these DC Cop Hating Protesters on the 20th and 21st of January remember the name McDonnell.


Please Pray that those trying to start WW3 and assassinate the Trumpster are sent Love and all Evil Activities cease immediately.

Please also pray that YOUR families are ready for what is about to be thrown at them. It was -19 in Kalispell Montana last night - Crazy Cold.



a) When we turn the Thermostat from 72 Degrees to 68 Degrees we save half on our power bill. When we go away for the day we turn it down to 66 Degrees.

Long Johns are your friends.

b) On the tooth front: The Liquid Remineralization has helped with the gums allot but has yet to remineralize the teeth - although it did eliminate an infection in an upper left tooth.

c) On the Ant-Aging Front: We will stop over the weekend to allow our bodies to rest. People are beginning to notice Jane’s Wrinkle are going away.  Go Immusist, Citricare, and Get The Tea.

d) On the Autism Front - one little girl we have been working with for 3 years now is mentally reaching the 2s - the “No” stage and simultaneously reaching Puberty. Everything out of her mouth is “NO.”

This too will pass and the Mom knows this now.

Most of walking a child out of Autism is talk is to the Moms and reassuring them that the child is growing and may need a little extra time. The other Brothers and Sisters will always chip in.

To the Smartest, Most active and one of the Largest audiences on the net - thank you for coming.

The News You Need

Dr William B. Mount

Got your coded message 444



Obama Begins Releasing Trump Phone Calls After Trump’s Allies Move To Takeover CNN

Head of D.C. National Guard to be removed from post in middle of inauguration - The Washington Post

Bill Ayers - Wikipedia

This top Obama adviser admitted to killing a COp wish a bomb - he is a Cop Murderer and will be leading a Riot in DC 20 January 2017... . arrest him.

Bill Ayres 2012.jpg

San Francisco Police Department Park Station bombing - Wikipedia

The one Police Officer he admitted killing openly - he is very proud of killing a Cop.

Bill Ayers planted a Pipe Bomb filled with  heavy staples and Police Sergeant had several staples enter his brain.

That bomb also blinded another Cop literally tearing into his face with heavy staples and ripping his eyes out of their sockets.

S.F. police union accuses Ayers in 1970 bombing - SFGate

Never forget Police Sergeant McDonnell.

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