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Monday, January 16, 2017

Last Ditch Attempts To Stop Trump


VIDEO: Last Ditch Attempts To Stop Trump - YouTube

In the next 90 hours we will see the Elites try everything within their powers to stop Donald Trump from being Inaugurated.

Under 90 hours folks - so here is the plans

1) All bombing attempts and fires have been stopped and nipped in the bud.

2) A Huge cash of weapons was just found blocks from the White House when a woman noticed a Violin Case and opened it to find 2 weapons. She called the US Park Police and they found dozens more at the site. Apparently left to disrupt the election.

3) There will be a huge Anti-Trump rally organized by dozens of Satanic NAZI Organizations to attempt top stop the Inauguration. The weather says it will be 51 Degrees there and will have periods of showers. Lazy Welfare Democrats do not rally well in the rain and to counter them will be 2 Million Bikers and Saturation Patrolling all over DC that day.

4) Operation Atlantic Resolve - Sending tens of thousands of troops and Armored Vehicles to Poland, Ukraine, Romania, etc.

The Russians and Chinese are on full alert and have literally deployed for a war with the West. Please keep in mind that the Generals across the US, and their families,  will be targeted first - thanks to the VA selling their records across the globe.

5) The US - using USAID - was responsible for the Indian Cash Crisis and pulled 80% of India’s Cash from their economy in an attempt to destroy India - so the US can have an “Emergency Intervention” there and break this country up into a dozen little counties. Create a crisis, cancel the inauguration

6) Paris Peace Conference agreed to break Israel up into two states - something the United Nations has been trying to do for decades now to start their little Full Scale Nuclear War.

None of this will be successful

Please keep in mind that only 8 men in the world own 50% of the worlds income and assets and they call the shots world wide.

They will all now have visitors from out of town to explain the New Set Of Rules.

If you recall the Bible has a “Book” called Revelations written by John of Patmos. This book was written some where around 68 to 96 AD. This book is a summary of the over 300 Pages the Catholic Church - at the time the Pagan Church that worshipped the Greek God’s - received from “John of the Patmos Prison.” It sort of follows the outline given in the last two chapters of each of the books of the Old Testament.

So Pagan Rome received a series of letters from the Prison at Patmos and basically threw them in a box. Christianity was, at that time, considered a Minor Religion.  Two hundred and fifty years later  in the year 323 AD Rome become “Christian” by orders of Emperor Constantine - so the Council of Nicaea patched together the book and called it ‘Holy. ‘

In 385 AD the Roman Pope became the Official Emperor of Roma and preceded to implement policies that split the empire apart. It is amazing anything survived this evil break up.

Yes -  if  we read the Bible the Living GOD can teach us much about our own personal decisions and who Yehsua really is.

The installation of The Trumpster as President with his staff - as evil as they all are - is supposed to lead this nation back to GOD and as such have an economic recovery - if and only if, he does as GOD has directed him to do. Otherwise - it will all fall apart.

As for the CIA, NSA, and hundreds of other US Tax Payer Funded Organizations - they will come in line if Trump does as GOD directs.

If you follow GOD - if you do as he asks - the world can basically fall apart around at your feet and you remain fairly untouched. So no matter what really happens - keep your eyes on GOD.

Keep your pantry full and your powder dry and your Bible wide open

 As for Yehsua -  he will return when he is told to return and not one minute before that.

Be Ready

Be ready for anything.

Be ready for every thing. Last night it was -12 degrees in Kalispell, and in 4 days it will be 51 Degrees in DC.

Pray that you and your family are ready.



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