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Thursday, January 12, 2017

Israel Attacks Syria, Options Considered By Russi, CHina

Israel has launched another unprovoked attack on Syria - this time at the Mezze Airport in Damascus.

Video:  Israel Attacks Syria, Options Considered by Russia, China - YouTube

Initial reports state that Israel F-35 Fighter jets launched these attacks on the Syrian Army Depots using Air to Surface Missiles designed to  penetrate the thick cement coverings over the ammo depots.

Some reports claim that the attacks were made from Land Based Missiles, but  Syrian Radar clearly shows Israeli Jets firing the missiles.

Regardless of how the attacks were made, the Ammo Depots did explode and the attacks did come from within side of Israel after the F-35 Fighters were scrambled.

After the Trumpster does take office the Oil Pipeline form North Dakota will be completed and the US will then outsell Arab Oil at $9 a barrel - thus eliminating the need to sell Arabs weapons for oil.

The Elites have only 7 days left to stop the Inauguration and start WW3.
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Syrian army claims Israel attacked airport near Damascus - Defense/Security - News -

Reports: Israel attacks targets in Syria - Defense/Security - News -


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